Mark Gaither

As a kid, I watched every episode of Quincy, the all-knowing, all-seeing TV forensic pathologist. I was fascinated by the forensic process, solving for the truth – which drives me still today.

Since Texas A&M matriculated me in Computer Science in 1990, I’ve lived and worked in Austin, TX. I’m going on 26 years of memorable live music, cold beer and great Tex-Mex food. After discovering that corporate work made my heart hurt, I found myself at a crossroads and eventually took a short-term job at LIVESTRONG as a database analyst and Salesforce administrator/developer. It was there that the “frying pan” moment happened – living and working with “do-gooders” pushing my heart soar like a hawk and finally, my heart no longer hurt.

I continue to drink the Salesforce kool-aide, looking for new truths, applying forensics processes to data. Dr. Quincy, to the data center. Stat!

When I’m not in data mode, I enjoy playing my Taylor 410 acoustic guitar, playing golf at Great Hills Country Club and sipping only the finest whiskies.